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Alex Peitz

Alex Peitz

As an Army Sargent, Alex Peitz completed two tours in Iraq and Afganistan. Since leaving the military, Alex has been a Calibration Engineer for industry leaders such as Saleen Automotive in Corona, California and Instructor at the Tuning School in Odessa, Florida. Alex has a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration from Iowa Wesleyan College. He followed up his education with a Certificate of Completion from Hennesy's Tuner School in Sealy, TX. As the lead Calibration engineer at Peitz Performance Tunes, Alex has had the oppertunity to work closely with HP Tuners and other leaders. Including SAM Tech, where he heads up the EFI Tuning division.

Office Management
Jane Helf

Stephanie Harper

Lead creative for design and vinyl production at Peitz Performance Tunes. Utilizing her Bachelors of Fine Art with an emphasis in Painting from Arizona State University to create marketing campaigns and perform lead creative tasks. She also utilizes her education and experience in management of financials and Human Resource. Stephanie maintains the daily operations of PPT, Sales and office management. Avid dog enthusiast.

Sales/Performance Technician
Joshua Insanus

Daniel Lemonds

Served as Specialist in the US Army, Daniel followed up his career education with an Associates of Applied Science, at the School of Automotive Machinests. While at SAM Racing, he attended Alex Peitz' Tuning class. His role at Peitz Performance Tunes allows him to utlize his education and pursue his passion.

Performance Technican
John Doe

Sterling Reber IV

A Massachusetts born Hot Rodder at heart, Sterling Reber IV is currently in the Army Reserves as a Specialist, contuning his 5 years. Currently in his final semster at SAM Tech. At Peitz Performance Tunes, Sterling has the ability to practice his skills in tuning and Performance technology.

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