Peitz Performance Delta Control Module

Peitz Performance is proud to offer the Delta Control Module (DCM)! Peitz Performance developed the DCM to allow shops, tuners and end users alike, the ability to tune the C8 Corvette. Upon doing so, Peitz Performance realized this technology could be applied to other GM vehicles utilizing the same mass airflow sensor and family of electronics (Global B). Fast forward to now, and there are now multiple versions of the DCM available to purchase, depending on your specific needs. See the information below to determine what version of the DCM meets your needs! Also, be on the lookout for new vehicle support on other makes and models soon.


Mass Airflow Control Module (MCM)

  • DCM Module
  • 20 Pin - Wiring Harness w/wire labels
  • MAF Tee (4 Pin GM Male/Female to DCM w/2 pin LIN port plug)
  • MAF In/Out Extension (80" twisted/shielded tefzel 3 wire)
  • USB Calibration and Datalogging Software

The MCM strictly allows the end user to adjust the outputted mass airflow frequency to the engine control module. These adjustments are required when new components are installed on a vehicle, such as a cold air intake, intake manifold, and other modifications which affect the airflow characteristics of a vehicle. Follow the link below to purchase the MCM!

DCM Lite

  • All features of MCM Lite
  • w/LIN for SensorTap IAT/MAP breakout (80" 22 AWG tefzel 2 wire)
  • MAP female 3 wire dongle for MAP breakout sensor
  • IAT female 2 wire dongle for IAT Breakout sensor

The DCM Lite is the next step in evolution to the DCM line of offerings! Not only can users adjust MAF frequency, but they can also affect spark advance by adjusting the intake air temperature output to the ECU, thereby advancing or retarding timing dependent on mass airflow, pedal input etc. The user can also set thresholds to switch the ECU back to receiving the “native IAT” values for safety. Furthermore, the DCM Lite can also include provisions for breaking out the barometric pressure sensor on applications where the mass airflow sensor is seeing boost i.e. centrifugal or turbo set ups with the MAF in the charge pipe. Follow the link below to purchase the DCM Lite!


  • All features of DCM Lite
  • PWM 12V Out capable (Ex: methanol pump 500Hz)
  • Switched Ground Output (Ex: WMI. Sol Output)
  • Upshift Paddle Input for -15Deg cut on manual upshifts
  • Accel. Pedal % input via M/F Plug-n-Play Harness
  • LNC-2014 Variable Timing Cut Output Control
  • FlexFuel (0-5V) Input
  • MAP Clamp Inline Harness (3 Pin Male/Female - Limits MAP Output to 3.9Vmax)

The DCM is the gold standard of the Peitz Performance tuning module offerings. Its what started it all! Users will benefit from all the features of the DCM Lite with additional inputs and outputs allowing use of water methanol, nitrous, fuel pump activation etc. via the 12V PWM output control table. This table looks up inputs such as mass airflow and accelerator position which allows users to dial in the thresholds to activate the 12V output. If using the DCM with Cortex boost controllers (ask about our full boost electronic set ups) you can also program boost, gear, RPM and vehicle speed thresholds to allow for even finer control. The switched ground output is typically activated in conjunction with the 12V PWM to act as a “trigger” for solenoids or a trigger for a power distribution module. Follow the link below to purchase the DCM!

DCM Alpha

  • All features of DCM Standard
  • Port Injection Control

The DCM Alpha Spec was designed for the absolute baddest of the bad builds which need as much fuel as possible to support their horsepower requirements. The Alpha spec includes all the awesome features in the DCM standard as well as port injection control. The Alpha DCM includes an injector driver box which wires in seamlessly into the module assembly thanks to our in-house wiring solutions. This means the assembly comes to you ready to hook up power, ground and connect into the MAF etc. via plug and play connectors. The DCM Alpha is still under development, but will be available very soon!